Date:May 08, 2023
abeles Optical matrix form of the reflectivity calculation.
anstodata ANSTO data loaders
cheby Freeform modeling with Chebyshev polynomials
dist Inhomogeneous samples
errors Visual representation of model uncertainty.
experiment Experiment definition
fitplugin Reflectivity plugin for fitting GUI.
freeform Freeform modeling with B-Splines
fresnel Pure python Fresnel reflectivity calculator.
garefl Load garefl models into refl1d.
instrument Reflectometry instrument definitions.
magnetism Magnetic modeling for 1-D reflectometry.
material Reflectometry materials.
materialdb Common materials in reflectometry experiments along with densities.
model Reflectometry models
mono Monotonic spline modeling for free interfaces
names Exported names
ncnrdata NCNR data loaders
polymer Layer models for polymer systems.
probe Experimental probe.
profile Scattering length density profile.
refllib Reflectometry numba library
reflectivity Basic reflectometry calculations
resolution Resolution calculations
snsdata SNS data loaders
staj Read and write staj files
stajconvert Convert staj files to Refl1D models
stitch Data stitching.
support Support files for the application.